Fire Walk With Me Until I'm Dead

Sep 19

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claggy said: Final Fantasy Type-O looks pretty sweet, but mostly just reminds me how much I hope Phantasy Star Online 2 gets released in the US at some point, haha.

I’m hoping I’ll have a ps4 by the time it comes out so I can play it. I’ve never played Fantasy Star, so Idk what it’s like.

Basically Final Fantasy and Kingdom Herts are what I’m lookimg forward to haha

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Sep 18

APPARENTLY the game I bought in Japanese and have been working so hard to figure out is in the Playstation Network >:C 

I bought a Japanese game for the Ps3, and I’m using the google translate app on my phone to play it. 

I’m not sure if I’m a brilliant genius or a hopeless loser. 


I bought a Ps3 and Katamari Forever!! The controller is pink and I love it. 

I’m running out of room for my consoles, but I manage to use all of them pretty frequently so I’m not getting rid of any of them.