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I should have changed my major to computer stuff. That’s probably what I’m gonna go back for anyway.

Or going to grad school for history. 

I don’t want to go to grad school tho. so ya.

27 sorority girls just waked into the computer lab…

Only one printer is working, so hopefully they don’t need to print…

It’s usually so quite here Sunday night…

Did someone seriously just ask me how to open Powerpoint on their Laptop?

I think they just did… and what’s more curious is they had Word open…so they managed to open that, he was apparently unaware that he even had Powerpoint at all.


It’s ok colored printer, you go right ahead and reject that paper and jam up for no good reason.

You’re much to old to be having temper tantrums.

And right after this one of the black and white printers jammed. it’s a JAMboree in the labs today XD

Hey you over there

Don’t think I can’t see you using the computer for the colored printer for things other than colored printing.

I just put a nifty sign up about it as well.


Best question of the day:

"Where are the printers?"

Actually, you can only see the printers in you stand on one foot, squint your eyes and say the magic words. After that, you’ll find them

(I work in a computer lab specificaly for printing shit and there are 2 large black and white printer and a colored printer that are hard to miss)


I wish I could warn the people in this lab since they keep asking my the most ridiculous fucking questions.

Maybe if you took the 2 seconds to A read the error message or B try again you’d have figured it out.