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Hundreds of students today at Keene State College participated in a Klean up Keene event. Armed with trash bags and dumpsters, these students worked hard at 10AM the next morning to clean up the mess that other students caused on saturday that made my school become national news. This is what my school should be remembered for. Not the riots that happened because of some group of kids. Stop giving these riots the attention and start giving attention the the wonder kids that go to my school that want to be remembered for the good.

I can’t even blame the cops. I’ll be the first to say I don’t like cops, but I really can’t blame them at all for treating those morons the way they did. 

This is insane and I’m horrified that I went to this school. 

Riots Break Out At Keene State College

Some riots happening at my old college. What the fuck is wrong with people? The Keene cops are usually pretty chill, you have to fuck up real bad to make them mad. People are calling “police brutality” and I’m kinda just sitting here confused.

You’re just acting like children and destroying things for no reason. It’s not like other places recently making a stand against something horrible happening. 

When you’re like 500 stupid college students strong and destroying the city, you deserve some tear gas. 


I just saw someone walking down the main walkway at my college that looked EXACTLY like Johnny Knoxville from Jackass dressed up as old guy. Same clothes, same expression and carrying a backpack. @.@

I didn’t want to stop and be an asshole, but if I just missed an opertunity to meet Knoxville I’ll never forgive myself haha

Suicide by Self-Immolation in Keene


go ahead stalk me whatever but this happened about 100 feet outside my front door this afternoon

they had tarped off the front door of the courthouse by the time i walked by but i saw the charring on the sidewalk

it had rained though i didn’t know what was going on

i-i know it had nothing to do with me and there aren’t a lot of details but i’m really kinda disturbed right now

what could ever convince someone to do something like that

Skaisnotdead: I go to college in Keene, not all that far from where this happened… It’s tragic and a hell of a way to kill yourself.