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I bought some books at a book sale the other day in hopes of reviving my blackout poetry project. The awful (and racist) romance novel I was using was too terrible to use for that.

Hopefully a few of the books I bought work for it. 

10 Of The Most Bizarre Books Ever Written

This is pretty wild



We know of only a few examples of heart-shaped Books of Hours, all dating from the 15th or the 16th century. Here is the list of the four presented here:

Biblioteca Oliveriana, 1144, 16th c.

KB, Thott 1510, 1550s.

BnF, latin 10536, 15th c.

BnF, Rothschild 297, 15th c.

Rare but attractive - and difficult to produce - type medieval manuscript.

the enemy's gate is down: 4 Legal Ways To Get Free Textbooks.


1. Open Culture: Not a large a selection, but high quality texts. If you just want to skim a book to brush up on a course you took in ninth grade, download one of these. I have yet to be disappointed.

2. Book Boon: Provides free college-level textbooks in a PDF…

Psst Hannah.  

So I let my sister borrow my copies of The Hunger Games trilogy last night.

She is done with them already.

She finished the trilogy in like 18 hours O.o

Somebody just tried to tell me Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t bad. “The writing was weird but the story is good.” 

To be fair they also thought that Twilight was awesome.

I need to find a place to keep all the books I got at the library book sale today.

I don’t have a closet, so space and organization is an issue.

I FINALLY finished The Hunger Games Trilogy!!


Now onto the rest of my summer reading list.