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Riots Break Out At Keene State College

Some riots happening at my old college. What the fuck is wrong with people? The Keene cops are usually pretty chill, you have to fuck up real bad to make them mad. People are calling “police brutality” and I’m kinda just sitting here confused.

You’re just acting like children and destroying things for no reason. It’s not like other places recently making a stand against something horrible happening. 

When you’re like 500 stupid college students strong and destroying the city, you deserve some tear gas. 

Anonymous asked
What's the topic you can go on for hours without getting tired?


PHYSICS! Oh boy let’s just ask skaisnotdead and ascarforeverysmile about drunk Nicole and physics/space stuff.

Actually, don’t ask them. They’ll make fun of me.

If you hear evil laughter in the distance, it’s me <3

Tonight feels like I’m back in college. Beers, friends, and said friends throwing things at me.
Brings me back.


So being in college it seemed like a perfectly rational thing to build a fully-functioning Wii into a toaster. Say hello to the Nintentoast.

n0cturnalnicole asked
Do you recall giving me a small bag of googly eyes at the end of junior year? Because I just opened one of my draws, and the bag must have opened since there are now teeny tiny eyes looking at me whenever I search for something. Thank you <3

I don’t O.o I don’t even know why I would have a bag of them to give you… I always did have a lot of random shit in my desk. 
But you’re welcome <3 

Remembering fondly that time in my freshmen dorm where someone curb stomped a urinal off the wall of the bathroom.

I heard a crash, something break and when I went to use the restroom a few minutes later it was all exposed leaking pipes and broken porcelain. 

That was a fun thing to report to the desk attendant. 

So my sister thinks I’m weird because I get handed stuff at random times. Cd’s, you’re going to hell pamphlets, books, and pins. 

That’s just the stuff I’ve been handed when I’m not outside of concerts and conventions.

Idk, is that weird?


Well maybe I won’t be able to move out now that I know how much I’m supposed to pay a month.


I got my federal loan statement in the mail today, and the total is more than a little overwhelming.

I know that it could be worse, but I still have private loans. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to pay it all off. I also need to pay for braces.

I think I’m going to be living at home for a lot longer than I thought :/

Welcome to adulthood