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I just got asked if I work here…again.

No, I just like to sit in the office and pretend.

It’s going to be one of those mornings I can tell.

I swear people get dumber during finals. IF you take the extra thirty seconds to not be such an oxygen thief you might not look so stupid when I get things to print on the first try.

If one more person opens the printer tray or starts pressing buttons I’m going to flip them.

Also, if the person before you forgot to log out of their account DON’T USE THEIR ACCOUNT MORON. Log them out and log yourself in.


Girl to me: “Are you a lab tech?”

No. I just hang out alone in the monitor’s station all the time pretending to work here. O_O


Me “Can you restart the computer for me?”

Girl “How do I do that?”


If one more person opens a printer tray today I’m going to flip a desk.

27 sorority girls just waked into the computer lab…

Only one printer is working, so hopefully they don’t need to print…

It’s usually so quite here Sunday night…

Did someone seriously just ask me how to open Powerpoint on their Laptop?

I think they just did… and what’s more curious is they had Word open…so they managed to open that, he was apparently unaware that he even had Powerpoint at all.


It’s ok colored printer, you go right ahead and reject that paper and jam up for no good reason.

You’re much to old to be having temper tantrums.

And right after this one of the black and white printers jammed. it’s a JAMboree in the labs today XD