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I need to find a boyfriend who either has the same taste in music as me, or enjoys me dragging them to shows (and aren’t over protective at that show)

The last time I went to a show with a boyfriend he was trying to “protect me” even tho I had been to three times as many shows as him and it was annoying.

A must have whenever I find someone, 

Friends that fall off the face of the earth when they’re in a relationship is lame.

Also this person is moving in with their significant other after only 6 months. And she has a kid.

Is it just me, or is 6 months not even enough time to fall in love?

Ugh people.

If you don’t want to go out with my that’s fine. really I’m too full of myself to be insulted. 

What does make me mad is you said we’d go out and then never contact me again. This is obnoxious. 

Just have the balls to say no. If you can’t do that I’m not interested and there is no way you’d be able to handle me. 

Your loss not mine.

So date with high school friend?

I’ve had better ideas. He’s a nice guy, but he’s obnoxious sometimes always.

The important thing is I’m putting myself out there. 

I gave a really attractive guy my number today

Now I play the waiting game.

And I apparently have a date with a friend from high school who’s in the Marines.

Since when did this happen to me? :D Pleased tho.

True Story Bro.

I saw my ex today.

I can say I’m 110% completely over him.

He did give me a desktop to cannibalize for parts.

It’s weird, this might be the last time I see him because he’s moving to Georgia and it really didn’t phase me. Weird as we dated on and off for like 6 years.


Now to find myself a real man!