I'm Lindsay, 24 From New Hampshire. I have a BA in European History and a minor in writing for some reason. As you can see I like things. I go to a lot of shows and conventions. I play the drums and like cats, often at the same time and I can't spell.

Steam: skaisnotdead13
Xbox Live: DieRomanticXoXo
Pottermore username:DraconisQuaffle168


I need to make another EDH/Commander deck. I am awful at deck building. The friend that usually helps me doesn’t live here anymore. 

There’s nothing more disappointing than opening a booster pack of Magic Cards to see that your rare is a useless land. 






So this is happening at some point in Standard.

And then?

Your opponent concedes and you don’t have to worry about not milling yourself

And if they don’t?

Plan B involves the following (assuming you had a T3 Ragemonger)

T4: Cast Oracle of Bones (3 mana) -> Enter the Infinite (0) -> Ragemonger (1 mana)

T5: Kragma Warcaller (3 mana) -> 2x Rageblood Shaman (2 mana) -> attack with 5 6/4 tramplers and a 7/3 trampler, plus whatever you had out earlier. Assuming you dealt some damage T1-T4, this is definitely enough. Also, you know you’ll have the T4 Ragemonger and all the T5 cards because you have your entire deck in your hand.

I keep finding loose magic cards in weird places. Jewelry boxes, a decorative bowl, boxes from college, all over the place and I have no idea why I thought those were good places for cards. 

I mean they’re all commons so it’s not like they’re valuable. I really need to reorganize all of my belongings. 

I need to get back into Magic. I miss it. I miss Dungeons and Dragons too. And World of Darkness. I think it’s time to find a quality card shop.