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Khans of Tarkir Clans | Dragons of Planar Chaos

With the colors of the clans revealed and Tarkir being a plane of Dragons; then it would be nice if the legendary dragons of Planar Chaos finds their way into this warring world.

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I need to make another EDH/Commander deck. I am awful at deck building. The friend that usually helps me doesn’t live here anymore. 

There’s nothing more disappointing than opening a booster pack of Magic Cards to see that your rare is a useless land. 






So this is happening at some point in Standard.

And then?

Your opponent concedes and you don’t have to worry about not milling yourself

And if they don’t?

Plan B involves the following (assuming you had a T3 Ragemonger)

T4: Cast Oracle of Bones (3 mana) -> Enter the Infinite (0) -> Ragemonger (1 mana)

T5: Kragma Warcaller (3 mana) -> 2x Rageblood Shaman (2 mana) -> attack with 5 6/4 tramplers and a 7/3 trampler, plus whatever you had out earlier. Assuming you dealt some damage T1-T4, this is definitely enough. Also, you know you’ll have the T4 Ragemonger and all the T5 cards because you have your entire deck in your hand.