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So I was thinking that I might start a side blog for music reviews. Albums, shows, that kind of thing. 

I’ve been thinking lately that I want to write for some sort of magazine, but I need to hone my skills. I’ve been a little out of practice that past year.

So I need my lovely followers to suggest to me some albums to listen to and review. The genre doesn’t matter, but I’d prefer it to be punk, ska, metal, metalcore, alternative, indie, or something like that since that’s what I am most passionate about.  

I’ll let you know what the URL is when I come up with a cleaver name. 

Soo suggest an album please? 

My favorite albums of 2013, in no real order:

Streetlight Manifesto “The Hand that Thieves” 

Toh Kay “The Hands That Thieve”

Silverstein “This Is How The Wind Shifts”

This Town Needs Guns “”

Balance and Composure “The Things We Think We’re Missing”

The Wonder Years “The Greatest Generation”

Bring Me The Horizon “Sempiternal”

Frank Turner “Tape Deck Heart”

Bad Religion “True North”

Alkaline Trio “My Shame Is True”

Real Friends “Put Yourself Back Together”

Transit “Young New England” and “Futures and Sutures”

Man Overboard “Heart Attack”

The Dear Hunter “Migrant”

TesseracT “altered State”

The Story So Far “What you Don’t See”

Big D and The Kids Table “Stomp” and”Stroll”

Scale The Summit “The Migration”

August Burns Red “Rescue and Restore”

We Came As Romans “Tracing Back Roots”

Children Of Bodom “Halo Of Blood”

Touche Amore “Is Survived By”

A Day To Remember “Common Curtsy”

A Loss For Words “Before It Caves”

Citizen “Youth”

The Creepshow “Life After Death”

Koffn Kats “Born Of The Motor”

Less Than Jake “See The Light”

Protest the Hero “Violation”

The Front Bottoms “Talon of the Hawk”

Pity Sex “Feast Of Love”

This World is A Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die “Whenever, If Ever

I don’t think I forgot any. This is what got me through the year. 

So Psychostick is coming out with a new album and have an indiegogo page to fund it.

If you’ve never heard of them they’re a pretty great humor core band. I saw them a few years ago in NH, and they put on a great live show. I met the band after and they were super nice.

I’m gonna throw some money at them when I get paid, and you should too. You can find the page here

Tonight is the night for discovering female fronted symphonic metal bands. 

I dig it.

Jinjer “Exposed as A Liar”

Holy shit, that girl can scream

Also parts of the instrumentals really remind me of Between The Buried and Me. 

Well Killswitch Engage’s new album is awesome.

Jesus, I keep finding Slipknot shirts. How many of those did I even own More than necessary apparently. I guess that’s what happens. They were my favorite band in my teenage years.

I remember how unhappy my mother was when she found out I listened to them. Not as unhappy when she found out I listened to Godsmack when I was like 13. 

They started paying for professional drum lessons when I was in 6th grade and I remember how pleased. my teacher was when I started bringing in rock and metal to learn. I literally went from boy bands to metal. There was a Maroon 5 and All American rejects transition then straight to Korn and Godsmack. I snuck the CD’s in since I knew I wasn’t supposed to be listening to them. 

I was this tiny little girl listening to some pretty heavy stuff. My drum teacher always found it amusing.