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Steam: skaisnotdead13
Xbox Live: DieRomanticXoXo
Pottermore username:DraconisQuaffle168


Now I want to do an Oswin Oswald cosplay for NY Comic Con.

There really need to be better thrift stores in my area, because there are next to none these days.

I need a red dress!

I should be looking over my training manual for my test tomorrow. Teavana gives you tests when you’re training. 

I’m going to play Pokemon instead. I worked about 10 hours all together today. I deserve to catch some pokemon.

Oh my pokedex came in the mail today and my hat came in yesterday! My Pokemon trainer costume for NY Comic Con is almost done!

I’m going to be a Pokemon Trainer for Comic Con NY. It’s easy, cheap and I want to.

I’m already thinking of costume ideas for Comic Con :D

  • Arkham City Harley Quinn (Slightly modified)
  • Tank Girl, or maybe Jet Girl since I have dark hair and glasses. 
  • I have a silent sill nurse costume that I can use, but Idk if I want to.
  • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Anniversary