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Halley Docherty uses Google Street View superimposed against well known historical paintings to create this series.





Photographer: Michael Charles

Jewelry: House Of Cach

Hair and Makeup: Erin Driscoll

Models: Lauren Farrington

              Adam Rose

             Cameron Quinlon

            Christopher King


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Images from the latest series by International Photographer: James C. Lewis entitled ICONS OF THE BIBLE…full series to be released in October Exhibit in Atlanta, GA. The series is giving the world a more factual look at the scriptures and it’s most iconic characters. Stay tuned!!! #N3K #International #Baby!!!     

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These Ocean Waves Look Like Liquid Sculptures

By Megan Gambino

Photos © Pierre Carreau

“I feel like a hunter of perfect moments,” says Pierre Carreau. Most days, in a 20-minute window when the lighting is just right, the photographer is on the beach near his home on the Caribbean island of St. Barth shooting curling waves.

Carreau is mesmerized by breaking waves—the physical result of wind rippling the water surface and friction causing crests to spill onto shore—and he wants to freeze them and share them with the landlocked. ”My goal is to focus on the wave shapes that create a paradox of power and fragility,” he says.

See more of Carreau’s photos of sun-kissed breakers at
I looked at this fast and thought it was a picture of a really long mermaid. 

I looked at this fast and thought it was a picture of a really long mermaid. 

(Source: plevre)