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Ok so my dad’s godmother left my sister and I some money and today I finally pulled the trigger and invested it like an adult in a mutual fund. 

I was talking to my financial adviser about the companies that I could invest in, since there were some on the example he was showing me I wanted nothing to do with (BP being one of them) because they are the companies ruining the world.

Apparently there is a social awareness option to invest in, but you need at least $50,000 to invest.

AND THAT IS THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. Apparently you have to be wealthy to invest in a more ethic company? I’m beginning to understand more and more why the world is the way it is now.

And now I’m a part of the problem because I’m going to invest in companies that are soulless cesspools of greed for my own financial gain. I knew this, and invested anyway.

I don’t get to pick the companies I invest in at this point, they’re chosen by what companies have the most potential for growth.

Maybe someday, because of this investment I’ll be able to invest in companies that aren’t ruining the economy and environment. 

Man, the world is a fucked up place. 

Noooo stop making me race and do car things. I just wanna shoot people in the face, not do car things. 

So I started playing Rage and it’s a cool mix between Fallout and Borderlands. 

I was enjoying it until I came to the part where you have to race to progress in the story.

I hate racing games. If I wanted to play a racing game I WOULDN’T HAVE BOUGHT A SHOOTER I’D HAVE BOUGHT A RACING GAME. 


It couldn’t have waited another month or two?

I just got hired at Teavana, I have another summer job, I had a job interview yesterday that I have a good feeling about AND IT DIES NOW?!

My laptop did the same thing in November right before finals.

How am I going to play video games when my family is either asleep or unwilling to share?

A quote I found searching about on tumblr *hem hem*

"i wish i was a elf living in rivendell, and legolas was my man :)"

Legolas didn’t live in Rivendell you twit. He lived in Mirkwood, where he was a fucking prince. Literally.

I could use my drum set to let out some rage and a lot of frustrations right now.

Good thing it’s at my friends house because I can’t trust my parents not to break it more than they already have.

I used to be good but I probably suck now. 

I seriously can’t win.

I’m missing a card from one of my magic decks!

The one EDH deck I have and the general goes missing!! The sleeve it came in is in the box but no Uril :( i’m very sad and confused about this. I don’t even know when or how this could have happened, i’ve played once all fucking summer!!


Fuck off.

And if you’re going to up your prices and make it so an account can only watch one instant stream video at a time, you could at least have the balls to give me an option to yell through the internet. 

And occasionally you let me play more than one instant stream at a time.


Upping prices during a recession? GREEDY BASTARDS.