I'm Lindsay, 24 From New Hampshire. I have a BA in European History and a minor in writing for some reason. As you can see I like things. I go to a lot of shows and conventions. I play the drums and like cats, often at the same time and I can't spell.

Steam: skaisnotdead13
Xbox Live: DieRomanticXoXo
Pottermore username:DraconisQuaffle168



It couldn’t have waited another month or two?

I just got hired at Teavana, I have another summer job, I had a job interview yesterday that I have a good feeling about AND IT DIES NOW?!

My laptop did the same thing in November right before finals.

How am I going to play video games when my family is either asleep or unwilling to share?

A quote I found searching about on tumblr *hem hem*

"i wish i was a elf living in rivendell, and legolas was my man :)"

Legolas didn’t live in Rivendell you twit. He lived in Mirkwood, where he was a fucking prince. Literally.

I could use my drum set to let out some rage and a lot of frustrations right now.

Good thing it’s at my friends house because I can’t trust my parents not to break it more than they already have.

I used to be good but I probably suck now. 

I seriously can’t win.

I’m missing a card from one of my magic decks!

The one EDH deck I have and the general goes missing!! The sleeve it came in is in the box but no Uril :( i’m very sad and confused about this. I don’t even know when or how this could have happened, i’ve played once all fucking summer!!


Fuck off.

And if you’re going to up your prices and make it so an account can only watch one instant stream video at a time, you could at least have the balls to give me an option to yell through the internet. 

And occasionally you let me play more than one instant stream at a time.


Upping prices during a recession? GREEDY BASTARDS.

Netflix can join the FUCK OFF AND DIE category tonight.

I’m just in the pissiest mood right now.


Though the fact that my ex thinks I’d still sleep with him cracks me up.

What a moron.

Dear Keene State Residential Services,

GO FUCK YOURSELF. SERIOUSLY. You are nothing but a pain in the ass and have done nothing but give me a headache going on four years. Thank you for giving us a day to fill our empty spot that we didn’t even know we had because our 4th roommate was too much of an ass to let us know she won’t be living with us and giving us someone that probably will be there all year in stead of a semester like we asked so nicely and you owe me for giving me rooms with underwear in the drawers and sticky shit in the cabinet 2 years in a row. Top notch really.

Someone needs to knock some sense into you.

My phone is being a bitch right now. Stop it or I will throw you through a wall.