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10 Of The Most Bizarre Books Ever Written

This is pretty wild

For funsies I thought I’f buy a book about whales and dolphins.

All of the titles that sound interesting are textbooks that are really expensive. I’m not sure what that says about me other than I wish I were smart enough to be a marine biologist. 

Somebody just tried to tell me Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t bad. “The writing was weird but the story is good.” 

To be fair they also thought that Twilight was awesome.

I FINALLY finished The Hunger Games Trilogy!!


Now onto the rest of my summer reading list.

My Agenda for the day:

  • Grocery shopping 
  • Make American Chop Suey
  • Catch up on Doctor Who
  • Work on my Story for class
  • Read Rousseau for class
  • Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, or maybe Super Smash. We’ll see. 

I guess I have to put some pants on first. 

I bought a Kindle.

It is in the end going to be cheaper than buying large text books for over $150 for classes that aren’t part of my major or my minor.