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I have the best and worst luck

The best: (I feel sooo bad for my friend) My friend and her boyfriend bought tickets to see Lamb of God in Boston tonight, and in a series of very unfortunate events they couldn’t go. She offered to sell me the tickets for $20 a piece. 

The worst: I’m 2 hours from Boston and I don’t have a car. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me either. The 2 people I know with cars and that would be interested are not really people that would be good concert companions either. I’ve been to a show with one of them, and never again. The other I can see being “that guy” in the pit.

I hope she found someone to take the tickets, I tried to help and find some friends back home to take them but no luck. I’d have had to go back to my hometown to pick up the tickets (an hour from where I go to school, but like an hour to Boston) but nope.