I'm Lindsay, 24 From New Hampshire. I have a BA in European History and a minor in writing for some reason. As you can see I like things. I go to a lot of shows and conventions. I play the drums and like cats, often at the same time and I can't spell.

Steam: skaisnotdead13
Xbox Live: DieRomanticXoXo
Pottermore username:DraconisQuaffle168


I don’t think my coworker will ever forgive me for the time I made him ring me out for a 74¢ game. 

It was Spy Fox Dry Cereal for the Wii. I’m playing it right now. It’s rad.

I think a member of Team Rocket came into the store.

He was wearing a black leather vest with a giant R on the back, a pin with an R was on the collar, and he was wearing a crystal embellished R around his neck.

You have a lot of attitude for someone who wears sweat pants in public.

Me (about a rude customer)

The downside of being 3 hours early for work is that I walk around the mall and but things.
On the bright side I got my hair cut.

Fuck the mall for staying open until 11 in a fucking snow storm. 

The roads are terrible. The people shopping tonight were complete fuck wads.  

Pretty done with everything. 

I mean today wasn’t the worst black friday I’ve ever worked. I still hate the idea of the day so much.

My coworker brought us so much amazing food at one job, and my boss at the other bought sandwiches for us. I’m at least lucky to have awesome coworkers. Very thankful for that.

But man I hate today. 

So a customer I helped today ran into me as I was leaving work today told me I was really beautiful

and not in like a creepy, weird way either. Just a nice genuine way. He also said he didn’t want to say anything while I was working, also nice of him. 

It kind of made my day :)

It’s rainy and gloomy so I don’t want to get our of bed.

Stupid work, making me be all responsible.

Microsoft gave me a lovely Xbox One dress to wear while I work at the midnight release tonight.

I mean it’s supposed to be a shirt but hey, details right? XD