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So I participated in my first ever conference call today.

Half of the people on the call were complete suck ups and I wanted to smack them. 

And the district manager reminded me of a condescending teacher, talking down to us all, but saying they’re not.

Apparently, I now “have the right” to kick a customer out of the store if they’re harassing me.

Fuck you human resources, I’d have fucking done that anyway, whether I’m a manager or not.

They’d be lucky if kicked out was the worst thing I did to them.

After working roughly 40 Hours since Sunday, and only having 2 days off in the past month, I have the next two days off.

I’m so relieved I could cry.

Today was pretty horrific. I hate retail. 

Why I shouldn't be in charge:

Me: *Hands male co worker keys to drawer*

Elderly customer: If you're lucky it's the key to her heart.

Me: I don't have either of those, a key or a heart

Elderly customer: *blank stare*

Coworker: *blank stare*

There’s been this really annoying trend at work lately and it’s driving me crazy. For context I work at a video game store, I am a key holder there.

I’ll either greet a customer with “can I help you with anything” or something like that. Lately a lot of male customers (sometimes in the middle of me ringing them up) decide they have a question, and indeed of asking me they ask my closest male coworker. 

It’s really irritating, especially today since it was that particular guy’s first day 

I try to make sure I answer before the other coworker can, and as assertively as I can without sounding like I want to throw the customer down the escalator. 

It’s almost always a question I know the answer to as well. 

The next week is going to be HELL.

Destiny and NHL release..

All of the store managers are going to be at a conference. My store doesn’t have an assistant manager. 

I picked the wrong time to become a key holder. 

There is one 8 hour shift between me and my first day off in 2 weeks. I’ve had 2 days off in the past month. I’m ready to murder someone. 

I’m going to spend Friday in bed. 

A child called me and told me his genitalia was stuck in the disk tray. In 1000% done today.

Why do people buy m rated games for their young kids?? Are they that much of a failure as a parent where they can’t entertain their kids with something age appropriate?

Give your 7 year old a fucking book, legos, something, not a video game intended for mature audiences.