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Dear unattended children of the mall,

Go home and read a book.


True fact:

If the computer dies at work, and you tell it you will rip its hard drive out with your bare hands it starts working again. 

Counter Jockey #0108



Sometimes my friend makes comics of the stupid shit people say to me at work. Someone really described the tea as altruistic the other day. It took a lot of self control not to laugh out loud.

On days when there’s a million of us working I always end up with the freaking weirdest customers. 

I swear to god the wackadoos target me.

I had a bro in today feeling up all the tea pots trying to figure out witch one was the thickest, because he wanted the one ceramic pot that would hold in the heat the longest. 

He was literally taking off the covers to all the pots and feeling the insides to see how thick it was. He did this to 7 or 8 of them??

*cough cough* I can’t go into work tomorrow.

I’ve come down with a serious case of existential dread *sniffle* 

I ask a customer (Probably late 20’s) what tea she’s looking for.

"The tea that makes you poop"

after that some notable quotes:

"I think you have a meeting about what teas I like just so you can discontinue them"

"Why do you keep discontinuing teas I like? Stop it."

"Thank you, whatever your name is"

"Time to get my poop on" as she was leaving.

There were some swears peppered into this conversation on her side. The friend that she was with look horrified. 

WHAT is wrong with people? 

Customer "This must be a fun place to work! You must love your job!"

Me: *twitch*

I don’t think my coworker will ever forgive me for the time I made him ring me out for a 74¢ game. 

It was Spy Fox Dry Cereal for the Wii. I’m playing it right now. It’s rad.

I think a member of Team Rocket came into the store.

He was wearing a black leather vest with a giant R on the back, a pin with an R was on the collar, and he was wearing a crystal embellished R around his neck.